upcoming Events

  • Modo

    Modo Yoga is a dynamic sequence of postures specifically designed to be practiced in the heat. It combines the precision of therapeutic yoga and the foundations of traditional yoga in a room that is warm and humid (37C-39C) to allow for deep, safe stretching and detoxification. The Modo Yoga series is a cardiovascualr workout that… More details

  • SSU (Sweat, Stretch and Unwind)

    Experience a new sense of tranquility and well-being while you ‘Sweat, Stretch and Unwind’ to the sound of soft music and gentle instruction. This candle-lit class is designed to relieve stress and tension, while the heat stimulates deep muscle release and improves your body’s pliability. This class is excellent for those who prefer a less… More details

  • Modo Flow

    In this class a variety of postures are linked together with vinyasas (sun salutations/flow sequences). Emphasis will be on the synergy of breath and movement to help you deepen your practice. This class is always moving, and is set at a quicker pace than a Modo class. It is great for upper body strengthening and… More details

  • Slow Flow

    Learn to combine breathing, flowing postures and meditation in this gentle, but deep approach to Vinyasa yoga. This slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm. Yoga poses are linked to breath to help reveal body awareness, inner strength and easeful opening. The room will be warm,… More details

  • Modo/SSU

    This 75 minute class is a combination of classic Modo yoga series and our signature Sweat, Stretch and Unwind (SSU) class. Expect to move through the first 45 minutes of the Modo sequence set to music, and then the lights will come down for a candlelit finish with long, deep holds to relax and restore joints… More details

  • Modo Music (Follow the Yogi)

    Follow the Yogi in this meditative practice set to music! In this 60 minute Modo class, the Instructor will not speak, and instead will guide you through the Modo series by practicing with you at the front of the room. Explore group practice in a whole new way as you turn your attention inwards and let your… More details

  • Yoga with Weights

    60 minutes of nonstop action to give you a total-body workout, combining heart-pumping cardio benefits from a nonstop flow with an increased metabolism from added strength training. Yoga With Weights targets the parts of the body where we hold the most stress: the knees, hips, low back, shoulders and core. This class combines a creative… More details

  • Barre Fitness

    Barre classes take place in our non-heated studio. Barre fitness classes us small, isometric movements and incorporate props to strengthen, tone and sculpt the body, especially the common areas that are difficult to tone. Constant movement and focus on isolated muscle groups keeps the heart rate up, producing cardiovascular benefits and a great calorie burn. Each strength segment… More details

  • Barre-Inspired Fitness

    Barre-inspired classes take place in our Dundas studio with the heat reduced. It is a challenging class, so be ready to work! Barre fitness classes is small, isometric movements and incorporate props to strengthen, tone and sculpt the body, especially the common areas that are difficult to tone. Constant movement and focus on isolated muscle… More details

  • BarreX (Barre Express)

    This 36-minute barre express class takes place in the non-heated studio and uses resistance bands to still create a full body workout in half the time but with an added challenge for the quads, glutes and hamstrings. Due to the pace of the class we recommend taking a minimum of 5 regular barre or barre-inspired… More details

  • Modo Live Music

    60 minute Modo class with live music! The Instructor will practice at the front of the room and offer very few verbal cues, so this class is best suited to those familiar with the Modo series. Prepare to leave feeling energized and inspired!  

  • YogaMix (Teacher’s Choice)

    Be prepared to be kept on your toes! The Teacher will find new and creative ways to challenge you out of your yoga comfort zone, and this class will change from week to week. This class incorporates uplifting music, different peak postures and different styles of yoga. *Yoga experience is recommended for this class.

  • Karma Class

    A Karma class is a regular 60 minute Moksha hot yoga class run by donation ($7.00 minimum) to raise funds for a local charity. Each month, we have a different charity in our community that we raise funds for through our Karma classes. We ask each participant to donate a minimum of $7 for their… More details

  • Community Class

    $7 drop-in moksha class lead by a new instructor. You will be asked to fill out feedback forms after the class. Suitable for all levels. Free for those holding unlimited passes. Not available year-round – check the schedule for availability.

  • Free Outdoor Yoga

    During the summer months, we offer free classes all around the City. Stay tuned to our social media pages for location details!

  • SUP Yoga

    In the summer months we offer stand up paddle board yoga classes, workshops and private group bookings.