Grow Your Yoga

Grow Your Yoga ’19 – In support of JUNGLEKEEPERS

Starts APRIL 23rd!!

Grow Your Yoga (GYY) is Moksha/Modo Yoga’s annual global action and fundraising campaign to work against climate change. It’s a 30-day on and off-the-mat challenge, where we engage with the “6 Pillars” that form the basis of our studio communities.
6 Pillars:
● Be Healthy
● Be Accessible
●  Be Green
●  Be Community
●  Live to Learn
●  Be Peace
This year instead of planting a tree for every class you take, we are changing it up!!  This year proceeds to go to Junglekeepers – Protecting the world’s remaining untouched rainforests.



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Saturday May 18th in Stoney Creek from 1:00-2:00pm with Bre

Wednesday, May 15th in Dundas from 5:30-6:30 with Danielle

Silent Auction: 
Saturday, April 27th, starting at 8am- Silent Auction!

We will all of the silent auction items on display at both studios with bidding sheets.  At the end of the day, when the last class goes in, we will see who the highest bidder is and notify them on Facebook!


April 28th – 2-3

Bre King

Zeppelin & Zen

Join Bre for an hour of yoga practice to a mix of rock and roll tunes of Led Zeppelin. Channel your expression of freedom from the 1960s hippie movement with energetic songs to get you moving! In this Yang Yin inspired class, we’ll finish off with a gentle stretch, leaving you feeling focused with a relaxed state of mind.

May 5th – 2-3

Viv & Rod

Couples Yoga

Deepen your bond and explore your connection with that special person* in your life. We will work through various exercises & postures designed to build trust & closeness in a relaxed setting. You’re sure to have some fun along the way & potentially learn something new about your partner.

*could be husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, daughter, son, friend…..”

May 12th -1-3

Plogging & Yoga

2pm 75 min class

Come and join the community for our second plogging event. Plogging is jogging while you pick up garbage!  The city of Hamilton provides us with bags and gloves and they pick up of the trash, we put in the mileage! We will meet at the studio at 1250 on May 12th and head off in all directions cleaning up the University Plaza and both directions on the rail trail for an hour. There will be prizes for the most garbage collected and for the most distance travelled so wear your Fitbit, your Garmin, your apple watches or bring you phone to track your run/walk. At Modo we are working to live by our pillars, so our hope is that this event will spark Community engagement and of course give a little Green back to our beautiful home! Upon returning to the studio,  Laura is going to guide you through a Modo/SSU especially designed for runners!

May 19th – 2-3:15

Weight 4 barre


Stronger every day!  If you love the sense of strength and accomplishment you feel after a great Yoga with Weights or Intense Barre class why not combine it?  Join April for a fun, action packed 75 minute class that will combine all the best elements of Barre fitness and Yoga with Weights.  Playlist requests welcome!

Can you work your magic by combining this picture of free weights with our Barre logo in the form of an equation?

Lots of fun and a stronger you!


May 4th  – 1:30-2:30

Rally Cry: Arkells Flow


Join Annie for an accessible but challenging 60-minute flow class to music to music by Hamilton’s favourite band, Arkells. The focus will be on connecting breath and movement while building energy and heat in the body. Come prepared for lots of flows, ab work, and great music.

May 11 – 1:30-2:45

90s/00s Hot slow Jamz session

Candlelit Follow the Yogi style with additional stretch to finish ( ssu)

Join Laicie in the hot room for some Hot & Sweaty Slow Jamz (R&B throwbacks) as you enjoy making your way through a Candlelit/ Follow the Yogi practice paired with some SSU bliss.  A 75 minute experience not to be missed!

Come Sweat, with Keith Sweat and more of your fave 90s/00s artist