How The 30 Day Challenge Can Change Everything

My first challenge was unintentional. My brother in law bought me the sneaky and completely ‘jam-packed-with-ulterior-motives’ and just ‘give it a try’ famous introductory month at MYH. I was finally in a position to drive the distance and commit. This
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Why NOT to Have a Spot in the Hot Room

When first embarking on your yoga journey, you were probably pushed outside of your confort zone the first few times you practiced, which is amazing! The more we push our boundaries, the more we grow and learn! That being said,
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My Family’s Journey with Yoga and How it May Have Saved Us

I am the abundantly proud mother of three (2 and one almost) teenagers. Life has changed around our house significantly since these creatures started to stumble towards adulthood. We have had many, many ups and downs as the five of
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